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19-Sep-2017 20:18

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The people targeting them are variously called “marketers,” “body brokers,” and even “junkie hunters.” They know addicts better than anyone (and many used to be addicts themselves).

The recent uptick in addicts adds energy to the hurricane, but the biggest driving force for the fraud is Obamacare and the 2008 Parity Act, which together give everyone access to private insurance that's legally bound to pay for rehab.

Byron Ira, a 45-year-old from Indiana who’s recovering from drug addiction, shows how easily a brokered patient can become the broker. Addiction Recovery, asking for his insurance information and some questions about his drug use.“The next call I got was flight information,” he told Buzz Feed News. E., said the facility only pays for patients’ travel if they sign a promissory note promising to pay it back; Ira denies signing anything before his flight, though he notes it’s possible he signed something during his intake once he was in Florida. E.)Ira had googled the place ahead of his flight and was expecting a 12-step-based holistic center far from home where he could change his life.

After going through rehab in his home state and relapsing, in November 2015 he contacted the HART Foundation, a nonprofit group that connects addicts with rehab centers. “The day after Thanksgiving, I got picked up at the Fort Lauderdale airport.”(Mitchell Wallick, the executive director at C. He says he has never received a bill of any kind from C. Instead, he spent most days at “the Center,” an office building where addicts did group and individual therapy, but not based on the 12-step program.

Wallick declined to confirm or deny that Ira was a patient, citing privacy laws. A few weeks later, a man who Ira says was a patient at C. Law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to track down these marketers, and prosecutors don’t have the motivation to work hard for little payoff.

“If you have a victim who’s a co-conspirator with the marketer, how are you going to prove it? “It takes a lot of manpower to prosecute, and for what?

He then got a text, he says, from someone in the sales office of a rehab center in South Florida called C. Nights were spent mostly back at the residence, a two-bedroom apartment housing four men.