Anthony kiedis dating laura dman

13-Dec-2017 15:19

They also do crazy stuff like that when they play live. When did tommy lee have red hair and nikki sixx or mick mars have blond. To go back to the candle going out when the "kurt cobain time period" is shown. 8 - Spinal Tap 9 - Nirvana (MTV unplugged)10 - Green Day, I mean FFS he wore that EXACT tie! It may have a bit of Living End, etc in there too but the tie...

I don't think they'd imatate Pearl Jam for their live shows. Every single genre is shown at least twice throughout the entire video except the kurt cobain sequence where as soon as the candle goes out you no longer see another scene with the grunge rock. the song tearjerker is about kurt and was written in the carribian (or some exotic place) when kiedis first heard that kurt was dead.

Anthony didn't exactly write the songs about Dani Ca, but he elaborated on them. the writer wishes himself and her to remain anonymous.

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Elvis The Shadows/ Buddy Holly Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Steve Tyler - Aerosmith David Bowie/Alice Cooper Sex Pistols Iggy Popp/ Rammstein David Lee Roth - Van Halen Nirvana RHCP/Pearl Jam The performance is very like Eddie Vedder. it is obvious that they did not picture exact bands or exact situations although they did come close to exact bands at times (Beatles - P-Fun K - Nirvana unplugged) but they also blended quite a bit - Cream with Hendrix and FRANK ZAPPA!! )90's "Grunge" Rock Nirvana (Kurt Cobain)Now Green Day?? im tired of seeing the same old list of bands in the escalating genres on this post page. then its Hair metal...look at the hair: PAfter this its time for Nirvana. that's all i have to say I really doubt that the last band in the video is green day. And why would RHCP be making a tribute video about themselvs? I have come to the conclusion that the last dress up was actually Avril Lavigne. Peace Outin spite of the striped tie i'm sure the last one is supposed to be the current red member is wearing their 'typical' outfit. Just a small part - there is that USA flag and they appear like from the video American Idiot. One of the repeating phrases in the solo is a lot alike (or if not the same) as the intro riff to Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze". I hope everyone knows Kurt did sometimes sing and only sing. That's only the Peppers' biggest musical influence!!! Wow it is unbelievable to me that any of you would think that RHCP would pay tribute to Avril Avign. There music is in no way similar and RHCP is much better then Avril and have been around soooooooo much longer anyway. The symbol in the background is an asterice or however you spell it. If you havent noticed most bands paly themselves in music videos. And in my opinion it is a case of what I would call "Subconcial (spelling? And the 2 songs are totally different when the singing starts. Third is the Beatles Srgt Pepper Era, fourth is George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, not Jimi Hendrix. 9th is a tribute to Nirvana, and 10th is the Peppers themselves. Ecspecially after hiring PAt Smear, and also if you look closley theirs an acoustic and the same attire Kurt wore in the MTV Unplugged special in New York. ) Plagiarism" Meaning its Tom Petty's Bass Line and rythem. Boy George is number 5, the makeup and top hat are symbolic of Boy George and the hair is the same length as where Bowie usually kept his short. The symbolism is that the bands shown are all an influence on the sound that the Peppers have currently. Now I believe that RHCP has picked specific artists. :-PAnd I've never heard of the band San Francisco, but apparenlty they look exactly like The Jimi Hendrix Experience. giving credence to the belief it is a tribute to kurt and his life chris from canton. so this "hidden tribute" could easily be a tribute to that.

The ending solo sounds like a rip off of "purple haze" by Hendrix. moreover, in the song californication kurt is also last band in the video is the red hot chili peppers. the whole video is a representation of all the great bands through the years, and then, at the end, the RHCP come onto the screen. the song is about all the girl that Kiedis has dated, and believe me, it's alot. now, about the issue of how "this album is the best/it sucks." music is a universal language that transports a message directly to your soul.

Also the Axl attire in the near intro would make no sence he didnt hit big until the late 80s (Wich he started around too) so it's more then likley ozzy if you've seen him alittle after the APranoid album he started to where a white set up liek that. But the Red Hot Chili Peppers didn't say "WOW GREAT SONG. Just look at Nirvana - it's just the one band, not a wholegenre. it's Motley Crew and Van Halen (look at john's guitar!

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