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Eight years later, it moved up the dial to 88.5 and boosted its signal to 61,000 watts, reaching radios as far away as Oklahoma.It’s one of the few high school stations in the country with a powerful transmitter in a major market. Between hits from the ’60s and ’70s, you’ll hear actual high school students.

Facebook, email, and the Q&A page on the KERA website have only enhanced Whittington’s show.If you’re by the dial on the weekend, tune in to Spot On, a show that features students interviewing teachers and other students ( am, am, pm, and pm).You might catch Cindy’s chat with Mesquite High cheerleaders.Or just tune in every school day at am and am to hear what the cafeteria is serving.

Even when they’re just telling you what’s for lunch—or especially when they’re telling you what’s for lunch—the most amateur DJs in town are worth a listen.

It has the enthusiasm of a bedroom-recorded podcast and, thanks to the ESPN imprimatur and its hosts’ connections, the guest list of a national broadcast.