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I honestly didn’t want to be rescued by some man and told how I should live—so I decided to save myself. I learned that this Princess doesn’t need to be saved after all, because she’s in fact a Queen. But because I think people are generally pretty amazing, I believe that when we are meant to learn our lessons, we will.It’s not easy to embody the masculine qualities that we are searching for and instead decide to become the lover we are seeking.He used to have his own business but it tanked when I was 13, I'm turning 21 in July & since then he has steadily been unemployed.My mother has had to switch jobs & thankfully has a pretty good job w/ a renowned publishing company.This means that the next time I enter into a relationship, I won’t have my eyes clouded with all those unresolved daddy issues, because I actually have done the work and put it in the time.I don’t need a lover to be the man I never had, or to constantly hold my hand and tell me what to do—that’s the whole point, I won’t . Someone to dance dirty with through this life, a man who has no problem telling the rules of society to go fuck off, because we are doing our own god damn thing, and making it up as we go along.As a woman, I was supposed to have learned all about men respect and love from my first primary relationship with a man—my father.Unfortunately, my father is schizophrenic, and moved out of the house when I was only six months old.

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Sometimes women had no father growing up, and so they chase the white-dress fantasy from a false belief that it will offer protection from sadness.It’s not easy to wake up, own your shit, and be your own goddamn daddy.

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