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Gravitational forces multiplied the weight of his cameras—so much so that if he had ever needed to eject from the plane, his equipment could have snapped his neck.This was the air war that comprised most of the combat mission in the Gulf that winter.But sanitized images of warfare, s Conor Friedersdorf argues, make it “easier …

The image and its anonymous subject might have come to symbolize the Gulf War.The Iraqi soldier died attempting to pull himself up over the dashboard of his truck.The flames engulfed his vehicle and incinerated his body, turning him to dusty ash and blackened bone.In the distance, the curvature of the earth is visible.

On missions, Corkran’s plane would often flip upside down at high speed as the pilots dodged missiles, leaving silvery streaks in the sky.

The military’s bitterness toward the media was in no small part a legacy of the Vietnam coverage decades before. Under this so-called “pool” system, the military grouped print, TV, and radio reporters together with cameramen and photojournalists and sent these small teams on orchestrated press junkets, supervised by Public Affairs Officers (PAOs) who kept a close watch on their charges.

“Assertiveness is the ability to stand up for ourselves without knocking others down,” Harper says.… continue reading »

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However, the lozenge-patterned dress of the porcelain figure identifies her as Harlequine, the female equivalent of Harlequin, the ignorant yet cunning male servant customarily depicted as a character primarily as a result of masquerade balls as a result of masquerade balls, which called for couples to have matching costumes.[2]Harlequine is depicted carrying the slapstick that was the primary accessory of Harlequin, and her raised hand forms the gesture of mano cornuta, the classic reference in Italy to infidelity.… continue reading »

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