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04-Aug-2017 00:09

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It will appear in your News Feed if you sign into Facebook on the day of your anniversary, and you will have the option of sharing.

If you want to share your anniversary story, click on “Review and Share” at the bottom of the story.

But those couples that seem like they have these perfectly curated dating lives might really be overcompensating.

At the very least, they might want to dial things back instead of posting how much they love each other 10 times a day.

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If you can’t accept that, or he isn’t just simply honest with you about this being an extramarital fling, you should turn back now.Or how about that chick who is constantly inviting you to engage in a mafia war? It’s also way obvious to every single one of your friends that you are sending a message to someone, even though we may not know who. A few photos of you and your boo lookin’ lovey dovey are sweet.