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That means to me that while we’re here on earth, we are in a sacred courtship with the King of kings.

We’re in the relationship-building stage, getting to know him mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but not getting to be united with him physically … There’s nothing weird about thinking of Jesus like your greatest romantic interest, even if you’re a guy.

I see on paper how he’s continually romanced me through the years.

He’s taught me that all the great qualities I see in earthly men are just a dim reflection of the pure qualities in the One who created them. Every couple falling in love enjoys leisurely, frequent walks, hand in hand. I’ll go to a river, a park, a garden or up in the mountains with my Bible and worship music and hang out with him for an hour or two in beautiful seclusion.

He wants that kind of intimacy with you so that he can win your heart with his amazing, perfect love, and make you ready for the big day when you get to live happily ever after with him. Here are some ways that work for me, but the sky is the limit for creativity—just like any true dating relationship.

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And the reason why married people “insensitively” tell you in so many words to do this, is because they know that marriage doesn’t solve all your longings for intimacy and belonging.

Talk to him as a best friend because he is truly there with you. At this point, he usually starts showing off, captivating me with his majesty, pointing out amazing things he formed with his bare hands … Taking in sunsets, sunrises, star gazing or walks after rainstorms also make inspiring dates where I’ve communed with him at incredibly deep levels. No human could touch the holy romance of the intimate moments we share during these times. One Valentine’s Day when I was feeling particularly lonely and a bit sorry for myself, I got out the construction paper, glue, glitter, and markers and made Jesus the fanciest valentine ever.

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