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29-Jun-2017 13:38

I did fairly early on ask how do I know that they are from where they claim to be. Another pointer to it being a scam Says that I have a unlicensed version of an anti-virus Wrong Tells me that he'll show me.

They said no, no-one would call from there if they weren't from the company. Oh and he had an Indian accent, not that it really matters. Tells me some baloney story about how my router is sending them errors and warnings, and that it's because my PC has a Trojan/virus. Basically gets me to look at a list of errors and warnings claiming these are all from the Trojan/virus.

She fobbed them off saying she had to go, but she did ask for a call back number. : P I had one of these a few weeks ago, so I played along...asked which computer specifically as I have 4, they couldn't answer.

I then asked 'Is it the one with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint or PCLOS'...

They mentioned something about our ISP which is actually in my Name (out phone is in her name).

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I found this: yep had two reports of these in the last month, in these cases they were both elderly so im wondering if they have access to a database from which they choose the most vulnerable i.e.

I am sick of tired of these scammer who is low pathetic try to trick or harm the innocent people for $$$ that just not on.