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Try and keep the actual card number obscured by your hand when you take it out from a wallet, and if you are using a debit card, block the keypad with your hand or body when you enter the PIN number.Rousseau says the holidays are when consumers are the most vulnerable, and has six tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft: 1) Utilize your credit card instead of your debit card when you're doing holiday shopping because credit cards carry more protection.6) Check your credit report shortly after the holiday season is over, around January or February, to ensure that everything looks normal.Under federal law, you are entitled to one copy of your credit report each year, free, from each of the three major credit bureaus.To an identity thief, this information is much more valuable than the cost of a hoagie.Another way identity thieves steal credit card information is through the use of camera phones.Identity thieves and credit card fraudsters constantly develop new methods of stealing information from consumers.

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Once the victim has filled out the application, the thief has all their personal information, including a Social Security number.

With your debit card, after two days, you are liable for up to 0 in unauthorized charges. Many credit cards have zero-liability rules in which you owe nothing for unauthorized charges.

2) Choose just one credit card to go holiday shopping with rather than putting all of your cards at risk.

3) A great tool not for prevention but to mitigate damages is to monitor your accounts online and have alerts set up.

People are afraid of technology, but it's to the consumer's benefit to take advantage of online avenues. That means no lectures on “keeping a monthly budget” or how you need to “stop buying lunch and lattes every day.” Instead, we’re going to give you actionable systems that you can use that will get you results.

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