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The Old Switcharooms is the second segment of episode 29, which aired March 4, 1998.

In this episode, Dexter and Dee Dee swap rooms with each other as punishment for breaking their father's trophy.

He sneaks out of Dee Dee's room and tiptoes to his room.

However due to the creaking of the floor, Dad does not allow Dexter going back to his room and threaten to put Dexter in a worse punishment if he tries to sneak out, so he went back into Dee Dee's room.

In the past year, Instagram has grown from 10 million users to 80 million.

It’s the place where 80 million people share picturesque, gently-tinted photos of bouquets, sunsets, spaghetti and cappuccinos.Dexter goes into the air vent and saw that in his room that Dee Dee did not even enter his lab and was asleep the whole time.

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The Old Switcharooms is the second segment of episode 29, which aired March 4, 1998.… continue reading »

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