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28-Dec-2017 21:59

Such freedom led to pineapples appearing in every episode and the popular Psych Out outtakes, such as Roday and Hill vamping Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror while shooting the pilot.“It’s a great show with a unique voice and a fantastic, specific sense of comedy,” weighs in Jeff Wachtel, co-prexy of USA and Universal Cable Prods. “It taps into a wonderful theme that will always be timely, the Peter Pan factor of a young man who won’t grow up.” “At its heart, it’s about two best friends who are putting one over on the adults,” adds USA co-prexy Chris Mc Cumber. Between all of the characters and relationships, everything has grown in such an authentic way.” Franks cites his father (a retired LAPD officer) as well as ’80s-era detective shows like Moonlighting and Simon & Simon as the inspiration for Psych.

“Didn’t you die five, six, seven years ago on the show? Even if there aren’t more movies, may yet survive in real life if Roday takes creator Franks up on a bet.

He then offered a preview of the first eight minutes of the new film.