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She told magazine that she decided to end her program to focus on "bringing positive images of women to the big screen." The following year, Banks launched a style and beauty website called type

She also enrolled at Harvard Business School around this time, completing her special course for CEOs and other top executives in early 2012.

Named to magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People list numerous times, Banks received the prestigious Michael Award for Supermodel of the Year in 1997, and also won two Teen Choice Awards for Favorite Supermodel.

was chosen to headline the newly created CW television network.

The best present we worked and prayed so hard for is finally here.

He's got my fingers and big eyes and his daddy Erik's mouth and chin.

The show's most famous moment came in February 2007, shortly after several unflattering pictures of Banks in a bathing suit surfaced in tabloid magazines.

Banks marched onstage wearing the same bathing suit and told critics to "Kiss my fat ass!

She booked 25 runway shows while in Paris in 1991, an unprecedented feat for a newcomer to the industry.The model-turned-entertainment-mogul has since founded the TYRA Beauty cosmetics line.